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123Movies - Watch HD Movies Online Free

Even if the people's interest in 123Movies decreased a little bit in the past years, there are still about 20 millions searches for this streaming brand on Google every month which is still huge and it seems the online streaming industry is not going to disappear, at least not in the next years. A lot of people are looking forward to watch movies and series online free on the streaming sites without having to pay an expensive subscription on Netflix every month while you can get all the content without paying a single penny on sites like 123Movies.

What You Need To Know About 123Movies

123Movies is definitely the most popular free streaming platform in the world and it's maintaining its position for a few years already. Wikipedia says that 123Movies was created in 2015-2016 but we would suggest this thing happened a few years before the date provided by Wikipedia, from our experience because we've been around the online streaming industry for many years.

The first 123Movies ever created was 123Movies.To who published tens of thousands of movies and episodes that could be watched by people from all around the world, for free in HD quality without registration. This specific 123Movies website managed to become the most popular in the world with over 1 million daily visitors at its best moment. None of the streaming sites succeeded to gain so much popularity since then.

The fame of 123Movies.To also attracted a lot of ''haters'' but this time among the authorities and big film companies. As a fact, the rumors are saying that 123Movies was based in Vietnam even if we think it was somewhere in the South East Europe, but however. In 2017, MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) started to put pressure on the Vietnamese Government to close down the 123Movies website.

A short time after, 123Movies.To made all the content unavailable and started to display only a good bye message and a countdown timer until the day when the website will disappear from the world wide web. It seems this take-down was peacefully, probably the government just talked with the owners and told them to shut down the website, otherwise they will face charges. Since today, we think the owners of 123Movies.To didn't have to support any consequences, they just had to close the website.

Rumors are even saying that the team behind 123Movies came back shortly after the closure with a new streaming website using a different name but we will probably never know the truth in this case. However, a short time after the official website was closed, a lot of cloned or mirror sites started to appear overnight, like hundreds of them trying to catch a bit from the popularity of 123Movies and its massive fanbase of millions of people from all around the world and a few of them succeeded.

What Is The Real 123Movies Streaming Site

As we previously said, we can't be sure about that but after a long time checking and analyzing many streaming websites, we've come to a conclusion that 123Movies might be the actual real 123Movies website, the one that the team created in 2017 after the government closed the first website. Many clues lead us to this conclusion but as we said, we are not completely sure about that so please check out the website and tell us your opinion in the comments section.

123Movies is the best streaming site where you can start watching all your favorite movies and series online free in HD quality without registration. This website is using the classic design of 123Movies but on a blue color scheme that looks beautiful. The interface is very friendly and easy to use even for somebody who never visited a streaming site before so there is no need for a how to watch tutorial.

When you first enter 123Movies, you are greeted on the homepage with a massive article about the mission of this website, how it works, the most important advantages of using the website and also a list of recommended alternatives website which is very nice because 123Movies is fair-play and it's also promoting other sites so they can grow together. On the first page it is found, by the way, a big search form so you can easily find a specific movie and also a button that will redirect you to the old design of 123Movies where you can check out the latest published movies and series.

As far as we counted, the database of movies and series of this streaming site includes more than 12.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes and all of them are available for free in high quality without registration or advertising. The video players are providing a really great quality and fast loading speed so you don't have to wait at all for a movie to load before watching it without buffering or interruptions. The movies dubbed in a foreign language benefit of English subtitles so everyone can understand the content.

The top navigation menu of 123Movies contains the most important sections of the website and it can easily lead you to them with just one click. It is also displaying the lists of genres, release years, latest episodes published today and even a Top IMDb movies and series. Below you can see the suggested movies and series that are included in categories like Featured or Most Viewed and after this you can find the latest episodes, movies and shows published on this site.

123Movies does not have any advertising system implemented as far as we seen so you are not going to be bothered by any annoying pops and ads while you are trying to watch a movie or an episode online for free. Also, 123Movies is updating their collection everyday with the newest movies and shows so stay tuned to this website if you want to be among the first who watch the latest productions.

This was the information that you should know about 123Movies brand in general but also about this particular streaming website called 123Movies that is ready to serve you the highest quality movies and series free without sign-up. Take a look on 123Movies because it might become your favorite free streaming platform and don't forget to leave a comment below and tell us your opinion about this platform.